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Meet Zach Brown!

As part of National Career Development Month, we are highlighting some employees at Guild who have transitioned into different roles during their time with us. Check out their Q&As to see what they have to say about their career paths at Guild. Interested in joining our team? Visit

Current role

  • Coordinator, Workplace Operations

Other roles held at Guild

  • Education Coach
  • People Operations Coordinator 


Tell us about your career journey and what led you to Guild.

When it comes to my career path, my journey has certainly been unique! I’ve worked in professional sports, at a marketing agency, helped run my family’s business, spent time as a technical recruiter, and now am so fortunate to be a part of the team at Guild. I’m thankful for such a diverse background and the opportunities I’ve had to build a skillset that can be applied across multiple industries, but I have always aspired to have a career in education. After many attempts to join this industry, and thanks to a dear friend’s referral, I’m very thankful to call myself a Guilder.


What was the path like to transition into a different role at Guild?

It started with consistent and intentional conversations around my aspirations and the impact I wanted to have. As an Education Coach, we were encouraged to make connections across the organization with the hope that we would then better understand how we ultimately support others at Guild through our roles. After meeting with others and learning more about the impact they make each day, one thing became abundantly clear to me; I wanted to support Guilders! Once I knew that, conversations with my manager became more specific around finding the right fit that would allow for me to do exactly that, which led to my role as a People Operations Coordinator.

The support I felt during my transitions across teams at Guild was excellent due to clear communication and a strong plan leading up to my start in the new role. Having a clear understanding of expectations and knowing my training schedule prior to day one in a new role allowed me to plan for and prioritize my training, ultimately making me as prepared as I could have been to join a new team.


How has your past work experience helped you in your new role?

I am an advocate for trying new things, especially in the workplace. With each new role or project comes another opportunity to add to your skills “tool belt” and I found that to be the case in each of my roles. My first role allowed me to build a great knowledge foundation for our business since Education Coaches are the first people to connect with our students and build their excitement for this tremendous opportunity they have to further their education. To do this successfully, you need to have strong knowledge of all of our academic partners and understand the types of support we offer to each of our employer partners. So you really have an opportunity to interact with many teams across our organization to learn all of this information. Having built these relationships prepared me to join the People Team, as I was confident in navigating the organization and providing efficient and effective support to our Guilders. That same comfort and confidence has now carried over to my role on the Workplace Operations team.


What contributed to your success with landing a new role?

People, communication and effectiveness. The first two go hand-in-hand.  I started with wanting to learn more about each Guilder’s role and better understand how our work impacted each other (or simply get to know each other). That evolved into learning about challenges their team had faced and how they created solutions to combat said challenges. I then spent time exploring how I could be a part of the solution and make the impact I sought. By being transparent with my mentor/manager, I gained an advocate and someone to hold me accountable to my goals. With that accountability came great motivation for me to be effective in my current role. 


What are some lessons you learned along the way?

Together is better. During my time at Guild, I’ve found the most success when collaborating with a partner. And I’ve found that seeking a new perspective or sharing an original idea with a fellow Guilder is always welcomed. Whether the conversation is around providing a solution for a student in need or navigating career development conversation, fellow Guilders have been quick to step in and provide support. This leads me to my favorite lesson, which is it takes each and every one of us. After supporting 3 different teams within our organization, it’s evident how interconnected everything is and how important it is that we continue to lean on each other and feel comfortable connecting with others across other teams, as we all have value to add.


Can you share more about what you do in your role now?

Our team is spending a lot of time evaluating our return back to the workplace, maintaining and supporting our company culture while working from home, and understanding how we can provide the best overall experience for all employees and any Guild guests. Also, Guilders can find my weekly birthday announcement in #chat-bevi on Monday mornings (with a hilarious GIF attached)! 


What advice would you have for others who want to transition into a new role?

Start the conversation, first and foremost. If there is a role or department that you have interest in, I encourage you to take the initiative and seek to learn more about the team, role, responsibilities, etc. Starting the conversation with your mentor or manager is another great first step into exploring new opportunities internally at Guild. And when it comes to these types of conversations, be an advocate for yourself! Help others understand why this is the right fit and why you are the best person for the job. 

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