Happy Mother’s Day

51% of Guild’s learners are parents, and the majority are moms. So while I enjoyed my Mother’s Day with family yesterday, I’m back at work today thinking about the moms we serve.

A mom I’m thinking about today is Sara — she became a stay-at-home mom at a very young age until her oldest child went to kindergarten. At that time, she worked nights and her husband worked days so there was always a parent available. Eventually, Sara found her way to retail and worked her way up to a Team Lead at Target.

In her role, she has the opportunity to help others grow their career and she really enjoys this part of her work. To pursue that focus and make good on her desire to go back to school, Sara recently applied and was accepted into a Bachelors of Human Resources Management program. She’s working with Target to explore her new career step into HR and excited about what’s ahead.

I also want to tell you about Shana, a new mom to her 9-month-old daughter.  She’s currently a digital personal buyer at Walmart and is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Information Technology. Shana’s goal is to move into an IT role to advance her career.

She is set to graduate next winter, and she’s motivated to tell her daughter about her work: “I’ll be able to sit there and tell her mommy got her degree,” she said. Shana’s resilience and strength are grounded in her desire to be an example and provide more for her daughter. That’s something powerful and worthy of celebration.

Both of these moms embody the spirit of Mother’s Day.

There are many, many stories of hard-working mothers who continue to prove that what seems impossible is possible. It’s a great way to celebrate them all.

Happy Mother’s Day!