How Walmart turned $1 a day into a priceless education

Traditional tuition reimbursement programs no longer satisfy frontline employees or keep up with the changing requirements of the workforce. Within the last few years, many employers, like Walmart, restructured existing education benefits to align with skills gaps and company goals. 

In August 2018, Walmart entered into a partnership with Guild to solve a multitude of problems for the company’s 1.5 million hourly associates, including affordability, relevance to business outcomes, and a lack of student support. 

Structured up- and re-skilling became the foundation of Walmart’s new initiative in order to help employees pursue personal education goals and secure future roles in a world changed by automation and technology. Walmart’s program, known as Live Better U, offers full- and part-time U.S.-based associates access to fully-funded associate’s and bachelor’s degrees for $1 per day. Following the launch of Live Better U, Walmart saw 1.3B positive media impressions. 

Today, more than 7,500 Walmart associates have been accepted into a wide range of programs. Walmart students boast a retention rate 20 points higher than other students in comparable programs, and hundreds of thousands of associates across the country have completed skills training equivalent to nearly $320 million in college credit. 

Live Better U is affordable and accessible to employees — thus helping to effectively retain and recruit qualified talent for the world’s largest private employer. Read more about how Guild is helping Walmart’s workforce prepare for jobs of the future in this case study. 

Written by Guild Education

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