New and Expanded Leave of Absence Policy for Guild Employees

A belief I hold dearly is that people shouldn’t have to make a choice between audacious career goals and audacious family goals. 

Guild’s workforce spans many caregiving needs – ranging from the 70+ babies who joined Guild families this year to eldercare to a whole lot of households surviving the pandemic with jobs, kids, and a whole lot of zoom! We know that juggling work and caretaking can be a burden on busy and loving households, and it’s been especially hard in COVID. 

As a company that aims to be on the innovative edge of supporting our teams, we’re always evolving our policies to best support our employees and their families. For that reason, I am thrilled to announce the rollout of new and expanded caregiver and parental leave of absence programs: 

  1. Ramp-up Program: We are introducing a fully-paid, 4-week ramp-up period to let employees ease back into work. This will allow employees to partner with their managers to create a structured plan to gradually return to work following one of these leave programs.
  2. Parental Leave: Birthing parents will now have 18-20 weeks home with their new ones (and recovering and taking care of themselves) plus a new 4-week ramp-up period to ease new parents back into work (more on that below). Non-birthing parents now have 12 weeks to support their new babies and family, with the same 4-week ramp-up period 
  3. Medical & Caregiver Leave: We have expanded our policy to cover 12 weeks of fully paid leave for our employees to take care of themselves and/or to provide caregiving support to a loved one due to a serious medical condition.
  4. Pathways to Parenthood: In addition to the non-birthing parents plan above, we have formalized a policy to support parents who are fostering, adopting, or working with a surrogate to have an additional 3 weeks to complete required interviews, tasks, and travel.

This is in addition to the Beehive, our on-site preschool and daycare, our existing fertility benefits, our partnership with Cleo to support growing families with support and advice, our backup childcare program with, and an open PTO policy. 

At Guild, we continue to address the barriers of the modern world to that pursuit of audacious family and career goals, and we’re just getting started. Our commitment to doing well by doing good serves as our true north star for serving our employees and upholding our double bottom-line business model.

With care,