Here’s how Guild creates attainable pathways for working adults to go back to school

1 in 9 Americans started college, but did not end up finishing their degree. The contemporary job market is competitive and requires regular upskilling and access to continuing education to remain up to date on changing landscapes. Yet tuition prices are beyond reasonable for the average American. The average yearly cost of attending college sits at $35,720 while workers with a high school diploma and no college degree make an average $39,070 a year.

Guild Education creates attainable pathways for America’s workforce to go back to school, start their degree, or complete a certification via employer-sponsored tuition. By reducing or eliminating out-of-pocket tuition payments, Guild connects students with innovative learning providers and the upskilling required to be mobile in their careers. 

Dive in to discover how Guild’s Learning Marketplace, a curated group of schools committed to serving working adult learners, supports the end-to-end student journey – from education benefit discovery to completing their degree or certificate.

Education Benefit Discovery

Step 1: Education Benefit Discovery

Guild works with employers to make education benefit policies easy to discover and understand. Employees (or prospective students) access a custom microsite built by Guild and their employer which assists them in understanding their eligibility, an overview of available schools and program types, and how funding works.

Students Select a School and Apply

Step 2: Students Select a School and Apply

Next, students can create an account and log into the Guild Student Portal which gives students the opportunity to browse a custom catalog of learning partners selected to fit employer needs and student goals. This portal additionally provides access to Guild advisors who will assist in ensuring that students understand their benefits and feel supported in the application process.

Student Enrolls and Attends Classes Via Employer-Sponsored Tuition

Step 3: Students Enroll and Attend Classes via Employer-Sponsored Tuition

Finally, Guild’s web-based platform, Roll Call, facilitates tuition invoicing directly from Learner Partners to employers. This allows students to focus on their studies and reduce or eliminate their out-of-pocket payments. 

Academic partners are even able to manage the invoice process for multiple employers from one platform.

Hear from our students on how Guild helps reduce cost barriers to education.

Guild’s Learning Marketplace gives students a platform to succeed in school, at work, and in life. By reducing or eliminating out-of-pocket expenses, together we can break down one of the most formidable barriers to continuing education: cost. 

Listen to Guild student LeeAnn, share how going back to school with Guild allowed her to create a better future for herself and for her daughter.

Join our mission and learn more about opportunities to join Guild’s Learning Marketplace.

Written by Sophie Baye

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