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Is it better to hire externally or internally? Guide your team with these frameworks

March 19, 2021

To maximize returns, companies must know when to develop current talent or acquire new talent.


The Impact 20
The Impact 20 recognizes young companies that are already making people’s lives better, even as they fine-tune and road-test their ideas in capitalism’s laboratory.
This college is responding to an often-ignored population: Working adults
Paul Quinn College, a historically Black college in Dallas, is joining a growing list of schools providing credentials and degrees to working adults.
Chipotle Adds an HBCU to Debt-Free Degree Program for Employees
"Chipotle's Cultivate Education program continues to thrive, giving employees the opportunity to achieve enhanced economic mobility," says Rachel Carlson, CEO and co-founder of Guild Education.
Top Workplaces 2020: Small businesses pivot to survive in pandemic
Guild Education is one of the women and minority companies named to this year’s Top Workplace’s list.


Impact & Stories

Happy Mother’s Day

May 9, 2022

Guild CEO Rachel Carlson shares the stories of mothers we serve at Guild.

Trends in Learning

Supporting Career Advancers in Financial Services

April 16, 2022

Finance employees say they need education both for their current role now, and for the next role they hope to achieve. Here’s what they’re looking for in an education program.

Corporate Strategy, Future of Work

4 Insights on Allied Health Professionals to Inform Your Talent Strategy [Survey Results]

April 12, 2022

Understanding allied healthcare career motivations can help healthcare organizations create better career pathways.

Trends in Learning

ASU+GSV Day 3: Driving social impact through better data access and accountability

April 7, 2022

Thought leaders discuss the importance of de-siloing adult learner data, and how better information sharing can help higher education align with workforce needs.

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The role of education in combating income inequality and arming individuals who feel disempowered in society should not be underestimated...Much of the American dream is unlocked with access to quality education, which can be transformational. Guild gives corporations the unique opportunity to provide this access to their employees, while increasing talent retention and delivering value to the enterprise.
Ken Chenault Former CEO of American Express and Guild Board Member
When we surveyed our employees, education support was one of the top three things they asked for. The barriers to achieving their education goals were time, money and support. Guild delivers on all of these needs through access to online classes, financial aid guidance, tuition assistance and a personal counselor to support each student in real time.
Frank Tucker Global Chief People Officer at Taco Bell

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