After layoffs, here’s how to take care of the employees who stay

Unfortunately, layoffs are all too common in the business world. In the last few months, as one of the many consequences of a global pandemic, the number of layoffs has increased. 

Beyond decreased stock prices, a decline in profitability, and a drop in morale, there are detrimental implications after a reduction in force for the employees still employed. 

Downsizing might be inevitable, but the process and execution of a layoff is rife with choices. Offering ethical outplacement is helpful for the employees being laid off, as they take next steps into new roles. However, ethical outplacement benefits the organization further by making remaining employees feel valued and cared for. When surviving employees see that their former coworkers are treated appropriately, they trust that their treatment will be fair as well.

To learn more about how ethical outplacement serves both laid-off employees and the ones that stay, read this guide. 

Written by Guild Education

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