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Meet Liz Weber!

As part of National Career Development Month, we are highlighting some employees at Guild who have transitioned into different roles during their time with us. Check out their Q&As to see what they have to say about their career paths at Guild. Interested in joining our team? Visit

Current role 

  • Senior Program Manager, Marketplace Policy & Payment Partnerships

Other roles held at Guild

  • Program Manager, Payments
  • Client Success Manager
  • Field Marketing Manager
  • Admissions Advisor


Tell us about your career journey and what led you to Guild.

Like so many Guilders, I was drawn in because of the mission. My decision to join what was then a small but mighty group of people came on the heels of being accepted to a Masters of Social Work program. I always knew that I wanted to have a career that would have a positive impact on individuals, but in evaluating the economics of that degree I made the hard choice to wait. Instead, I dove headfirst into a career search and as I began to learn more about the balance of margin and mission that Guild strikes, I knew I found an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.


What was the path like to transition into a different role at Guild?

I’ve been lucky enough to experience several moments of transition within Guild, my most recent occurring in the summer of 2019. My manager at the time and I began a series of conversations around career growth and what that might look like for me. We identified that my current position wasn’t going to be a long-term home for me and he encouraged me to explore open roles within Guild. With his support, I approached my (now current) manager about an open role on her team and asked if we could have a conversation. We were both upfront about what we were looking for and decided to move forward with a formal interview process — one that likely would look very similar to the process any new hire at Guild has experienced. 

In every transition I’ve gone through at Guild, my manager has been along for the ride and supported me every step of the way. That support has shown up in 1:1 conversations and by helping me identify my strengths and map those to roles in the organization, as well as facilitating connecting me to the right individuals so that I could ask questions. 

How has your past work experience helped you in your new role?

I was lucky enough to start in a student-facing position, which helped me learn from the ground up what the student experience looks like and provided me with the opportunity to hear directly from students. Because of that experience, I was able to bring the student voice to interactions with Guild’s partners. My time working on the client success team set me up to continue supporting our employer partners with a particular skill set in our long-standing partners. 

What contributed to your success with landing a new role?

Without several people, I likely wouldn’t be where I am today. Specifically, Terrence Cummings. He continually worked with me as I struggled to identify what my next opportunity would be and continued to show up as an advocate for me. 

What are some lessons you learned along the way?

Self-advocacy goes a long way. It can be really scary to admit to yourself and your manager that you may no longer be in a role that is fulfilling to you, or that you see an opportunity that you’re more interested in on a different team. Speaking up and having those conversations can open doors to opportunities that you may not have known were possible. Time and again I find myself so impressed with how open leaders are to supporting career growth within Guild. 

Can you share more about what you do in your role now?

In my role, I work on day-to-day partner management for a handful of key employer partner accounts helping to identify opportunities for process and policy improvements. I also get to work on launching and transitioning new employer partners.

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