How one company closed the skills gaps from within

A leading financial services company sought to redesign and expand their existing education benefit to focus on upskilling and retaining the frontline population.

The challenge: A growing skills gap amid costly turnover

A Fortune 1000 financial services company was facing a competitive environment with potentially disruptive technologies on the horizon. They found they were having trouble recruiting and retaining frontline employees, primarily call center workers. Meanwhile, the company was also suffering from a critical middle management skills gap.

The company understood the value of providing employees with expanded education and training opportunities, but at that point, their existing education benefit wasn’t built to be

broadly available. Corporate employees were able to take advantage of it, but it wasn’t as accessible to workers who couldn’t afford thousands of dollars in tuition upfront.

The company was committed to internal employee development; they wanted to promote mobility from call center positions to more senior roles within the company. The goal was to offer training that would close the skills gap, improve retention of top employees, and provide a competitive advantage in recruiting.

The solution: Tuition reimbursement transformed into a strategic investment

In partnering with Guild Education, the company found they could achieve these goals and more. They just needed to reimagine what an education benefit could be.

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